Flutie Flakes: Alexa Style

Move over Doug, there’s a new Flutie in town. The Flutie family can’t quit the Chargers and we can’t quit the Fluties. Let this serve as our official welcome to Alexa Flutie, representing the 8-letter on the 2012 Chargers Cheerleader Squad. As we’ve noted before, Showman went to high school with Alexa, so we’re bias in our love for her. We’re also thankful that after spending time as a Patriots cheerleader, she has turned from the dark-side, and come home to the Chargers. If you don’t know what Flutie Flakes are… well, you’re really young. Anyone who reads Lobshots knows I don’t do photoshop. I’m amazing at bitmap paint, but photoshop… not so much. Big thanks to John (@creanium) for stepping up to the challenge. He’s a Chargers fan and blogger for BFTB, so go follow him on twitter. Also, you can buy actual boxes of old Flutie Flakes on eBay for a few bucks. I find that awesome.



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