McKayla Maroney is Exploding the Internet

Let me make a few things clear. I like McKayla Maroney. She’s a Bolts fan, which is awesome…and I think she’s a good kid. Very talented, obviously.

Currently, she’s blowing up the internet. Here’s a photo of her teaching Jenna Bush, yes former President George Bush’s daughter, how to dougie on top of a London double-decker. A page right outta Kate Upton’s book. Remember when Kate Upton asked me to marry her? Of course you do.

In the lead photo that you’re about to see repeatedly… she was pissed, because she knows she had gold locked up if she didn’t sit one down on the vault. Yeah, sat one down and still got the Silver.

I mean, that fall happened just days after she did this in the all-around competition to lead the USA girls to gold. I’m still pissed those idiot judges didn’t give her perfect 10s.

Alas, when it mattered for an individual gold, she ate it… hence the face, everybody calling her names, and this wonderful site. I’ve said it a billion times… photoshop skills + free time = internet gold.  A few of my favorites of McKayla…not impressed.

Gold, Jerry… Gold.


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