The Dwightmare is Over… All Hail the Lakers

Howard to the Lake Show. The writing was on the wall… we all knew it would happen. Magic Johnson made it very clear this is what he wanted. As a player, I love Dwight Howard. Bynum has been amazing at times too, but you can’t build your franchise around ‘potential’ that continues to let you down. Howard > Bynum.

It must be acknowledge that in the end, you got one very talented whiny little bitch for another one. Bynum out, Howard in. I hope there’s a clause in Howard’s contract that states, “All that crap you pulled in Orlando this past year… if you pull ANY of that here in LA, you’re fired and you have to pay the Lakers back all the money we paid you.” Side note… check this starting five.

Can you even begin to imagine how dominant this team would have been in their primes? Good grief. Unstoppable. Obviously, in the West, this puts Los Angeles neck and neck with the Thunder in the regular season… but when it comes to playoff time… which one of those guys is gonna guard Westbrook?


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