UBER is Larger Than Life

One of the beach balls a Northwest Side mother and daughter were carrying when a man punched the girl to get her beach ball. (Michelle Fiore, for the Tribune / August 7, 2012)

Chicago Tribune– Michelle Fiore was enjoying an evening out with her 11-year-old daughter after Lollapalooza when a  man confronted them, demanded the girl’s souvenir beach ball and punched the child as he tried to grab it, police and the woman say. “It’s ridiculous,’’ Fiore said in an interview. “We were attacked for a beach ball.’’

The stay-at-home-mom and her daughter were walking on Jackson Boulevard just west of Michigan Avenue about 8:45 p.m. Sunday, each carrying beach balls they’d gotten at the music fest, when four people who appeared to be in their late teens approached.
“They were bickering,’’ said Fiore of the two young women and two young men. All four were wearing 3-day wrist passes to the fest.

One of them confronted Fiore and her daughter and asked if he could have one of the beach balls. Fiore, who at first thought the person was goofing around, replied that she didn’t want to hand them over and lightheartedly suggested: “Sure, that will be $50.’’ Fiore said the man became upset and said, “I’m a college student. Does it look like I have money?” Police said the man then punched the 11-year-old in the abdomen while the girl was holding the beach ball.  Fiore said she believed the man was trying to get her to drop it.

Estrada said that man, who refused to give his name to police, threatened the woman and the girl verbally. “It’s strange,’’ Fiore said. “I was very shaken up by this.’’

“It’s ridiculous,” Fiore said, “We were attacked for a beach ball.”

How ’bout Uber? We been talking them up since before they set foot as a business here in San Diego. They are simply the best. I will never ride in a cab again. But are they this good? Like, beat up little kids good?

You’re such an awesome company that jackass morons are willing to resort to stupid violence to get their hands on the goods you put out? That, my lobster friends… is when you know you’ve “made it” as a company. Last time people were beating up other people for their gear… was a tiny little brand called “Jordan”… heard of ’em? They make shoes, I think.

Uber, for the win. Idiots who punch girls for beach boys, for the loss.


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