The London Lobster Strikes!

That. That is the gold standard right there. That is new Lobshots sign that all other signs will be judged against. Drawn magically by Caster… he just went and set a new standard. Fitting, since he was the one that came up with the term “lobsters” for Lobshots readers in the first place. Upright, wearing a top hat, sportin’ a mustache, a pipe (with bubbles!) and a Lobshots banner. Stud. Caster and Big Dave went to the Olympics, and they took the London Lobster with them. Here are some of the photos from their adventures. This is just first installment of many more photos. Caster… Big Dave…Love you guys. Thanks for representing the USA and Lobster Nation out in London. Click on all to enlarge.

Baker Street. Why’s that soundĀ familiar?

Look how handsome Caster is here? Like a damn Greek god.

Oh, look, the real God… well, His Son…. sorry, Caster. Sorry Greeks.


We’ve been over this, ya damn right we fear God.

LOBB. A sign after my own heart.

Calling someone on the telly, London Lobster?


Big Dave and his personal Ferrari.

Not everybody has condoms provided to them by the Olympic Village.

Is this the creepy phallic mascot made into a telephone booth? I’m confused.

Again. Greek god. Lower case ‘g’, mind you.

That’s just a London wall pisser. Caster sent me three pics here. This is the only one without his junk showing. I’m not kidding.

Big Dave getting his gargoyle on… in a handsome way though.

Thanks dudes! Love these! There are more photos to come. Go USA! Go Lobsters!

Exclamation points!!!


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