“Teen Mom” Star Gets Marijuana Charges Dropped in Court, Then Promptly Tweets Out Photo of San Diego Chargers Weed Pipe

Yes, you read that right. This girl, Jenelle Evans, is the star of some Teen Mom show, which I’ve never seen. Apparently, she was arrested in June after getting in a fight with her ex-boyfriend, where the cops also found some weed. Then this yesterday…

E! News has exclusively learned that the erstwhile Teen Mom star has had all four pending charges against her—including simple assault, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance—dismissed in court this morning.

So, what do you do after all your weed charges get dropped in court? Obviously, you tweet out a photo of a custom made pipe, which I’m sure she’ll say is for tobacco, with a massive Chargers logo on it. I know you’re thinking… who’s gonna notice that? Well, she has a verified account with, brace yourselves… almost half a million twitter followers, which is approximately half a million followers more than me. Sadly, “Chargers fan” doesn’t always equal “smart fan”. Stop smoking weed, Miss Teen Mom. Thanks.

Go Bolts? Go Bolts.


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