LobShots Thoughts: So Stoked the Bolts Lost Last Night…

Cool pic of Ronnie Brown getting up-ended. For those that don’t follow me on twitter… I just kept tweeting “Bolts look good” repeatedly last night, because they, of course, looked anything but good. It was bad. Real bad. I mean, there were a few glimmers of hope in there. Rivers was picking apart the defense a few times, only to have Gates get stripped, then Rivers get picked. Not so hot. But Gates looks healthy for the first time in years and Rivers didn’t get hurt… that’s a win-win, lobsters.

As for going 4-0 in the preseason? Thankfully we didn’t. It’s the kiss of freaking death. Last time the Bolts went undefeated in the preseason was in 2000. They went on to finish a franchise-worst 1-15. No thanks. I’ll take the 3-1 preseason record. This week didn’t matter, next week does. Bring on the Raiders… and Bolt the freak up.


[photos via AP]

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