LoLo Jones Going Surfing in a Nude Wetsuit

LoLo just tweeted that out. Dunno why you’d buy a wetsuit that’s nude colored, with boy shorts and knee pad colors built in…but okay?

Am I the only one that immediately thought of Swingers when she wrote “I’m brown.” You know, when they’re playing video game hockey and they get the food delivered… Mikey gets the door, and Vince Vaughn starts yelling from the other room: “Is he brown? Michael is he cute? Is he brown? See if he wants to come in and join us for a cocktail, Michael. If he’s polite, let him in… is he clean? Have him take off his shoes, I wanna see him! Don’t let him go!” All the while, Mikey just keeps tipping him more and more. So sad, yet so awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

There ya go. What an amazing movie.


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