Time to Invent “Whale Puke Detectors” for the Beach

Yesterday, Caster and I were chatting about this 8 year old kid that found a chunk of whale vomit on the beach valued over $60,000. Got us to thinking… when is some jerk gonna invent a Whale Puke Detector? I know it’s cool and all to get a ring or a necklace or some friggin’ quarters on the beach with a metal detector… but how ’bout some petrified whale spew? I read that some dude found a huge chunk of it that he sold for $300k. You kiddin’ me?

There’s gotta be something they can detect in that puke, right? Some chemical? Time to invent a Whale Puke Detector. You can thank me for the idea later, but you better act fast, because if you don’t, Al Gore will.


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