Did You Hear the One About the Girl Who Pulled a Gun on a Guy, While Having Sex With Him, While He Was Driving a Car?

DM– A Florida woman was arrested after police say she pulled a gun on a man while having sex with him in a car and demanded money, causing his to crash the moving vehicle.  According to investigators, the chain of events that led to the accident started at the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub in Port Charlotte, where Linscott and a friend met the victim and two other men, ABC News reported. After the bar closed, the three men invited the two women to come to a private home, where the victim and Linscott’s friend went into a bedroom to have sex. Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Bob Carpenter said the woman told the victim she needed $250, but he said he did not have that sum and gave her $120 instead.  When the man went to the bathroom, both women left the home. The unnamed victim then called the woman whom he gave the money and set up a meeting at a local store. But when he arrived at the location, he encountered Linscott, who claimed that her friend had left her, according to police.  The 26-year-old got into the victim’s car and began fondling and having sex with him as he was driving. Linscott allegedly demanded money, but the driver told her that he had already given $120 to her companion. At that point, the 26-year-old woman pulled out a .357 Taurus revolver and pressed it against the man’s head, according to police. The victim grabbed the weapon and said he punched Linscott in the face, which caused him to lose control of the car. The Nissan struck a palm tree and ran through two yards along Dewhurst Street before coming to a stop, at which point Linscott fled.

Florida seems like some place to live…so many levels of crazy there. Let’s just accept the story for what it is…right up to the part where the hooker and the guy are having sex while driving the car. What made her think it was a good idea to pull the gun while the car’s moving? I mean… ugh… you know what… nevermind. I’m an idiot. Trying to find logic in a story like this makes me as dumb as they are. There’s none to be found.

Here’s the real reason I wanted to post this crazy story. The photo of this Linscott chick. She looks crazy. Like, scary crazy. Like, crazier than I’d expect even after reading she pulled a gun on a dude while having sex with him while driving a car. I’ve been staring at it, thinking… “it must be the black eye that makes this chick look so insane“. Stared longer. Found it. It’s because you can see the white of her eye above the iris on her left eye… and only her left eye. Crazy for days.



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