How is this “White Hot Sunday” a Good Idea?

Nice photoshopped fan shot there… a little white here… a little white there…

Good news first. THE BLACK OUT HAS BEEN LIFTED! Now, on to this White Out…

Can somebody explain this to me? Aside from all the ridiculous ‘white after Labor Day’ jokes that could be made… how is this a good idea? I get that the Bolts are wearing white pants and white jerseys, but last time I checked…fans aren’t. You look around the Murph on any given football Sunday and you see powder blue everywhere. Decent amount of dark blue scattered throughout… but white? Very, very few and far between. So the Chargers are basically asking fans to leave all the gear they’ve bought over the years at home and wear white t-shirts? Or are they handing out gear to the crowd? This just seems so friggin’ dumb. I like the idea behind, but how’s it gonna work?

Here’s the press release from the Chargers trying to get the fans fired up for it:

Sunday, Sept. 16 is the Chargers’ much-anticipated 2012 home opener against the Tennessee Titans and the forecast says it will be hot … WHITE HOT.

As a show of strength and solidarity, the Chargers players are urging fans to join them and wear ALL WHITE to the regular-season home opener.  The team will be wearing white pants and white jerseys together for the first time since the new uniforms were introduced in 2007.

“I can’t wait to see every fan in all white. It will be so cool to see a full stadium and everyone in white. I love the all-whites,” said linebacker Shaun Phillips. “The home opener is always a huge game for us and we’ll need our fans big-time that day.”

“To have our fans with us wearing all white and being loud will definitely help us on defense,” said safety Eric Weddle.  “It’s our home opener and to have any kind of competitive edge is huge.”

“Seeing the fans in all white with us will be sweet. To look up from the field and see a sea of white, it will be big for us to come out and feed off the fans’ energy,” said tight end Antonio Gates.

The Chargers believe this move is another opportunity for the fans in the stands to make a tangible impact on the outcome of the game.

“We’re always looking to do anything we can that will give us an additional edge in the game,” said Chargers CEO A.G. Spanos. “The home opener is our fans’ first chance to make an immediate impact on our season.

“Imagine a full stadium all in white, unified behind the team dressed all in white. It will be loud. It will be impressive. It will be intimidating. And it will give our players a huge emotional boost and even-stronger home-field advantage.”

You’d think they were throwing a P Diddy party with all that bolded out WHITE HOT business. Calm down. Wear all white “as a show of strength and solidarity”? What color is that flag you wave when you’re surrendering? I forget.



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