Yunel Escobar is a Homophobe

Yunel Escobar. Shortstop. Blue Jay… Idiot.

“TU ERE MARICON”. If my San Diego public school education serves me right, that Spanish phrase translates to “You’re a faggot.”

I’m baffled. Escobar let someone write “You’re a faggot” on his eye black.  He undoubtedly looked in the mirror and agreed with his face (Which creates a hilarious level of irony).  Then he proceeded to go out in public and give every single person he looked at a double-cheeked middle finger.

In a society sensitive to these types of slurs, and in a league with a very large number of Spanish speaking players, Escobar doesn’t deserve to be one of them.

– Showman

[h/t Cosby Sweaters]

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