Hey Soccer Bro – That’s a Live Grenade, Act Like It

YouTube Preview Image


Apparently this is a soccer match in Iran. Apparently it’s normal to have things thrown on the field in Iran. So normal that the players don’t even notice when it’s a GRENADE they’re picking up and tossing off the field. Here’s the YouTube description:

During a local club match in Isfahan,Iran some spectators threw a hand grenade on field,a player found it and thought it was some other object and threw it on sidelines just in time,if he had done this a few seconds later his hand would have been blasted.The game was called off and police have started investigating this case.

Unreal. Dude came about one second away from blowing his arm off.

Hey, speaking of… I have an education that would blow your arm off if you look at the resume, but my computer’s down…


[thanks for the link, Adam]


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