Julie Bowen vs. Sofia Vergara

Need to get a few things off my chest here. 1.) Al Bundy will always be Al Bundy no matter how famous he gets on Modern Family. Nice belly grab of Julie Bowen there, big guy. You dog, you. 2.) As for my amazing bitmap paint work… today’s comment section brought me back from my roots because I’d posted entirely too many .gifs today. This isn’t a damn tumblr site.

Now, on to the meat of this post… 3.) I literally feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Since the beginning of Modern Family, all anyone can talk about is how hot Sofia Vergara is. She’s cute, sure… but she’s not even on the same hemisphere as Julie Bowen. Somehow Julie Bowen quadrupled in hotness since her Happy Gilmore days. More than quadrupled actually.

She’s way older, and way hotter than Sofia. It’s not even a competetion. Yet, everybody on the planet seems to think it’s the other way around. I can’t wrap my head around it… I know everybody has their own personal taste and all… but holy crap, I feel like I’m fighting this Julie Bowen battle all by myself. Am I the only one that watched Boston Legal too? That’s when her “cute-to-smoking-hot” transformation began. It is now complete.

I’ll now prepare myself for all you jerks to tell me what an idiot I am and how Sofia is Helen of Troy and Julie is Helen of Troll.



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