You Kidding Me With This Babe Ruth Lookalike?

That. That is Babe Ruth. Wow. That man won a Babe Ruth lookalike contest at Gallagher’s steakhouse in Manhattan. His name is Willis “Buster” Gardner of Oberlin, Ohio. You can read all about him and the contest here. Here are the dudes he beat out.

Yup. He is the champ. No contest. I mean, that uni… looks like the real Babe could’ve worn it. What’s up with the number 3 guy on the right? Nobody has ever worn that. The away jersey second from right is pretty legit. Despite the nice old glove, the bright white Wal-Mart jersey, brown belt, and dockers guy better be uninvited next time they hold this contest. That, or step your game up, pal.


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