Hey Florio – Rip Off More of My Jokes

That’s a ProFootballTalk tweet from this morning. Mike Florio. These national media guys think they’re so badass. They’re not. Most pretend they don’t read Lobshots. They do. Florio stealing my Hercules/Hochuli flow here.

ZOMG. LOLZ. That Mike Florio is sooooooooo funny!!!” Next time, make your own jokes, if that’s possible from way up there on your high horse. Also, be more boring on TV, if that’s possible.

Side note that Ross just lobbed my way, when Hochuli heard about the deal getting done… “As soon as I heard the rumors, I got down on the floor and started doing pushups.” Fantastic.

For the record. Yes, I was the only one to come up with the Hochuli/Hercules joke. My mind put a patent on that as soon as I thought of it. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.


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