It Would Appear Philip Rivers Wanted Norval to Punt…

Pretty conclusive evidence there. “You’ve Gotta Punt This Ball! Norv!” Love that Norval just ignores him too. I mean, what does Philip know? Oh, he knows that Novak was sitting on a couch a couple weeks ago and might not be able to drain a 55 yard field goal? Me? I’d have gone for it. But who the hell am I? I never left my couch.

Aside: I love it when Rivers and Norval yell at each other. My favorite thing.

Another aside: Check out Atari Bigby. Dude look high as a kite. OPEN YOUR EYES, BIGBY!!!

Last aside: Clipboard Jesus looks so awkward, like he’s caught in the middle of a lovers spat, and he can’t move.


[via TBL]

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