Apologies to Harry How of Getty Images for defacing his photo.

I know, I know… I’m being dramatic. I just have such a bitter taste in my mouth after that game. Happy for Brees breaking Johnny U’s record, I really am… but the way this thing ended… it was ugly. Obviously the turning point was the pick 6 taken off the board by Melvin Ingram blasting Brees in the chin with the crown of his helmet.

People have been calling this a “questionable call”, but honestly, I thought the refs got that one right. But after the Saints scored and we were driving in the fourth quarter… that’s when I felt like the refs just decided, “If the Chargers make a long completion… call offensive PI. If the Saints make a PI, don’t call it.” The call on Gates, I mean… that really changed things. That was an awful display of referee-ing.

Other observations because I know you were wondering:

Hey Norval, Good call having Ryan Mathews sitting on the bench… not like he was gaining over 7 yards a carry or anything.

Gaither looked good at the end there, huh? I wonder what Rivers did to piss him off, because all he did was pretend to block for him.

Meachem sure picked a nice place to become relevant. Somebody tell him that every game is in the Superdome.

Cason is still on the team.

Ronnie Brown actually looked pretty good. This was not the case in previous games.

How has Atari Bigby not been caught actually smoking weed on the sidelines?

Roger Goodell is a coward.


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