Chargers Looked Great Against an Impressive Browns Team

That’s the look of a defeated man. A defeated man that just dropped the easiest touchdown of his career. Wide freaking open. Had six written all over it. Had a win written all over it. *poof* gone. I mean, it certainly wasn’t all Meachem’s fault we lost. Obviously the conditions sucked, but they sucked for both teams. Rivers threw a pick that was caught out of bounds though. So he lucked out. Ryan Mathews fumbled, opening the door for Ronnie Brown to be our leading receiver for over 80 yards, which I hate.  The defense was kind of a bright spot. Sure, they gave up over 100 yards to Trent Richardson, which they hadn’t allowed in 15 games, but they did a pretty good job at holding the Browns in check. (Yeah, I know, Bigby should’ve had that pick.) So there’s the bright side.

The other bright side is, of course, we’re one step closer to the firing of Norval… and possibly AJ Smith. We got #FireNorv trending nationally on twitter, which is cool. Otherwise, miserable game. This week in San Diego sports media will probably be worse than the stickum/chill pill week… if you can believe that.

Closing thought after chatting with my good friend and fellow lobster, Dou, about how bad the Bolts suck… “dude, then I realized, if this is the worst part of my life, that the chargers can’t beat the cleveland effin’ browns, then my life is pretty incredible.” Well put, sir, very well put.

Aside: if you thought I was serious when you read that headline… welp, welcome to Lobshots! Hope you enjoyed your first time here at the site.


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