Chargers Football, Back to the Future Style

I’m From the Future…We ‘WIN’ A SUPER BOWL W/O Norv & A.J.

I’m willing to overlook the awful punctuation, syntax, and penmanship on this sign, and embrace it. Love it. The Chargers will win a Super Bowl… it just won’t be with Norval and AJ. I can wrap my head around that.

What is it with DeLorean owners? The HAVE to have some sort of Back to the Future reference on their cars. It’s a must. See this cat’s license plate? “NOT DOC”. With or without the plate, we’d have figured out you weren’t Doc Brown. How ’bout this one parked out in front of Miller’s Field in PB.

“WSTNTME” – I see your “OUTATIME” Doc Brown, and I raise you a Wasting Time. Those are just the two in San Diego… I bet there are punny little Back to the Future license plates all over the country. In other news, I want a DeLorean.


[Delorean pics lobbed by Sarah and Caster]


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