Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style, part 3

Click to enlarge that photo. Then click again to zoom. It’s important. I see you, Erin. I always see you.

So, you’ve read Caster’s take, a Syracuse native, on the Midway game. You’ve read Body’s take, an SDSU alum. My take? Not attending the game with Mac, Dilly, Body and Caster… it was really, really awesome to have my fellow lobster friends there and representing both sides like champs. Although it paled in comparison to being there, it was a really cool thing to watch on TV,e. I was obviously pulling for SDSU, but ‘Cuse adapted better to the conditions, drew the better side in the first half, hit free throws, and proved to be the better team. Really cool to see the Lobshots sign there.

Great event. Hope to attend next year, assuming there is a next year.



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