The Hottest Commercial in the History of TV

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I can say, unequivocally, that this is the hottest thing that’s ever been on TV. Last night, I posted this tweet

Thinking nothing of the tweet at the time, I was a bit surprised at the favorites and retweets it got, so I figured it was worth a post. First of all, no way this commercial ever makes it on TV even five years ago. Not in the USA. Too racy. Second, this chick is cute, sure… like a 7 or so. But the second she dropped that magical line with that innocent look, “Hey, I also made you a video… probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane...” it was game over. She went from a 7 to an 11 in a heartbeat. Hottest thing ever.

Now I’ve heard people say, “Dude, it’s right in front of their little kids… gross.” Yeah, well, people that say that… don’t have kids. Saying that in front of the kids… hear me out here, before you start calling me a creep… makes it even sexier. You want your wife to always be your wife, whether the kids are there or not. Nothing overtly inappropriate for their eyes or ears, obviously. But what this mom/wife did… it’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s unexpected, it’s sexy. The kids didn’t hear anything, didn’t see anything. It’s not like she started suckin’ face with him right then and there. To the kids, she’s still just mom, and he’s still just dad… but to him, she’s still mom to them… but more importantly, she’s still wife to him.

Take notes, ladies. If you want to know what dudes think is hot… watch this commercial a billion times. The mystery of what in the world she could possibly be doing in this video makes it even hotter. Samsung, coupled with the minds of men across the country, have turned this cute little housewife into Helen of Troy.


[Alright, moment of truth, lobsters. I wasn’t gonna put this, but her name is Margaret Emery. Here’s her imdb page. Why wouldn’t I want to put this, you ask? Well, she’s a comedian/actress and she made a comedy short for funny or die, and it’s weird and basically her convulsing herself into an orgasm the whole time. I know, you’re thinking you read that wrong. You didn’t. Here’s the thing. It’s not hot. It’s gross. It takes that cute little amazing innocence from the Samsung commercial… and completely chucks it out the freaking window. Not kidding, I’m so pissed that I even watched it, because it wasn’t funny and now I’m not even into her anymore. Total downer. Anyway, you’ve been warned, but if you want to go watch it, here. Don’t do it. ]

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