Shaun Phillips Trolls a Nation of Chargers Fans

Shaun Phillips tweeted that out this morning. Let’s just assume he meant to say, “Change is coming in more way *than* one. Have a good day everyone.” What does that mean, Shaun? Did Dean Spanos call you into his office and tell you that AJ Smith and/or Norv Turner would be fired soon? Is that the kinda change you’re talking about? Because you knew the second you tweeted that… that’s what everybody on the planet would think.

So, Shaun… do tell. What changes are coming?

**update** – Shaun has responded to my ridiculous blog.

Wait, you play football? LOLZ, J/K Shaun. Bro. You are so right! Right? Silly us.

Again, I’ll assume you meant to say: “People read *too* much into things. I make a comment regarding my personal life and people think I’m talking about football.” So stupid that anybody would read anything deeper into that tweet. It’s not like you’re a former Pro-Bowler for a NFL franchise. It’s not like your coach and general manager have been on the hot seat for years. It’s not like every major news outlet is reporting with every loss that their jobs are on the line. Your 430,000+ followers on twitter? They probably don’t even know you play football, Shaun! They just think you’re a super interesting and hilarious person. We’re all idiots for reading into that tweet. Good luck with the changes in your personal life.


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