First of all, I’m patenting* that “Fourth-and-Twenty-Norv” phrase instead of 4th and 29, because it’s genius and hilarious and everyone will want to use it. Second, I’m totally willing to overlook the fact that the refs apparently think Ray Rice is 7 feet tall, because that’s what they’d have to believe to have given that spot after his knee hit the ground even after a booth review. Third, this was not only the nail in the coffin to the Chargers season, but to Norval’s career in San Diego. There is no way that Spanos can fool himself into believing Norval is the answer any longer. He’s gone for next season. Hopefully before. So there’s that.

Bolt up?


[gif via TBL]

*or copyright, trademark, or whatever you do to phrases that are awesome. **

**i will do no such thing.

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