Did Booze Get Nick Lachey Kicked Out of the Chargers vs. Bengals Game?

Nick Lachey, Bengals fan extraordinaire, came to San Diego to watch his team beat up on the Chargers. According to his twitter account, he got kicked out of the Q. That photo was taken with a young Chargers fan before Nick got kicked out of the game. And brace yourselves for this one kids… HE WAS DRINKING BUD LIGHT! Here’s how Nick accounted for the events of his Qualcomm ejection.

Why did he get kicked out? Well, it’s right there. Nick Lachey was kicked out of Qualcomm because “chargers fans have no sense of humor!” Nick, I know you read Lobshots and I know that you know that I’m nothing if I’m not funny… so knock it off with the no sense of humor stuff. Who knows why he actually got kicked of the game.

Was he drinking? Yes, of course. I’ve never been to a Chargers game without a beer in my hand either. So what. Was he mouthing off to Chargers fans around him? Probably, I’ve never been to any NFL game without engaging in some fun smack talk with the fans around me. (except for the time I went to Oakland for a Raiders/Chargers MNF game… zero smack talking then) So, sounds to me like Nick was just being a normal fan.

I love that he loves his team, and I love that he travels to watch them play and sits in crappy seats and takes pictures with fans, as you can see from the lead photo. Probably made that little kid’s day. He also took a photo with this Bengals fan at the game.

Seems like he’s being pretty cool to me.  We’ll probably never know what he did to get the boot, but I’ll tell ya what… knowing what I know about the Chargers security (<—must read story, btw)… I’m gonna side with my favorite 98 degrees singer on this one. #TeamLachey

**update: Nick’s tweeting again, but still hasn’t responded to my question about what actually happened that got him kicked out.**



[lobbed by @JoshSneed, pics via twitter]

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