NEW VIDEO: The Nick Lachey Plot Thickens!!!

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At this point, I feel like I’m Nick Lachey’s publicist. I was the first sports blog to break the story here. Then I expanded on it here. Then I posted video of it here. So, there’s this new video up top of Nick Lachey getting booted from the Chargers game. This is a much better angle than the last video, but I stand by my opinion that Nick was the victim here. But, wait! What’s this? TMZ has a new video too and is now reporting that Nick choked some dude and called his wife a “f**king b*tch“. I doubt that. First of all, TMZ is the worst. I hate them. Even when they report things correctly, they invade the lives of everyone for the worse. Second, all these accounts are from Chargers fans that are bitter and butthurt about a loss and the success of 98 Degrees. If you don’t know how to handle some friendly trash-talking at a football game, don’t go.*



*does not apply to Raiders games… home or away.

[new video via Guyism]

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