The Padres and the 2012 Hall of Fame Vote

I asked my boy Davy, who I have been to Cooperstown with, to write up a few thoughts on the upcoming Hall of Fame votes. TONS of Padres connections, which is awesome. Thanks for the guest post, Davy.          -bp

Visiting Cooperstown is something that every baseball fan should do.  In 2008, Cooperstown was a stop on an epic trip for a few future lobsters. BP, Dou, Odea and I spent two days in baseball’s mecca. We were there for the last HOF game at Double Day field and the town was packed (four grown men, one motel room and a male maid crushing on BP equals a sleepless night…well worth it though). I can only imagine what it is like on induction weekend.

Walking the grounds and being around that much memorabilia creates an appreciation for the connection between the sport and our country’s history in a unique way. The NFL may be more popular in today’s world, but it will never be what baseball is and has been for America. Don’t get me wrong, I love football, but Canton will never have the same historical significance as Cooperstown.

The 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots were mailed out last week. Most are focusing on the black mark of the steroid era. Bonds, Clemens, Sosa and Piazza are all up for induction for the first time. It’s a big deal. Can voters leave out an entire era from the hallowed halls of the Plaque Gallery?

Bigger still is how many players on the ballot have donned Padres Orange and Brown, or Orange and Blue, or Blue and White, or Blue and Sand, or camouflage or whatever it is/was…at least one of them has to rep SD right?

Who’s it gonna be, lobsters?


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