A Walk Down Memory Lane: Lakers of the Past

Our buddy CJ took this screengrab from TNT last night… and I gotta admit, I don’t really get it. It’s funny, sure… but what’s the point of it? It’s such a hodgepodge of previous Lakers roles that I don’t even know what it’s getting at. Left to right, Smush Parker, AC Green, Mark Madsen, Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, and Fletch. Smush was forgettable, Maddog is a 2x world champion and hustled harder than anyone in Lakers history, AC was a stud all-star and clutch role player for three championships, Kwame was a bust, Adam was an absolute joke, and Chevy is a Hollywood legend. What’s the connection here? Anyone?

Either way…. it’s funny… and it gives me a reason to post our boy Maddog dancing.


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