Hey Mighty1090, What’s With This Shady & Shaky Start?

Today, at 3pm, will be the debut of the new Scott and BR show on XX1090 The Mighty 1090. Yup, they’ve re-branded themselves as The Mighty 1090…again. I wrote all about the 1090 shake-up when they got rid of Josh & Charod and Dave & Jeff. I mentioned that Marty Caswell, who produces the Darren Smith show has a problem with Scott Kaplan. Everybody knows that. Well, today was supposed to be the first day that Marty and Darren lead with a 12-3pm show, prior to the return of Scott & BR. Check out these tweets.

So, Darren Smith, who I’ve repeatedly said is tops in San Diego sports radio, is not on the air right now despite the fact that he and Marty were both hyping the show on twitter. Rather, Craig Elsten is on right now, and he has repeatedly said, “I’m just filling in for Darren Smith today and he’ll be back on tomorrow.” So, was Posner right? Just a quick little suspension or something? The station wants to have somebody pumping up the Scott and BR show for it’s return and they didn’t think Darren and Marty would do it? I don’t know… just speculating. But, if 1090 tells you that the return of Scott and BR has nothing to do with the Darren Smith Show not being aired today — well, that’s probably a lie.

So, what’s going on over there, guys? Marty? Darren? Scott? Craig? Somebody? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, nice job by John Gennaro over at Bolts from the Blue who just came on air with Elsten, and props to Elsten for referring to Philip Rivers as a “pez dispenser for turnovers.” I enjoyed that.


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