Did the ’72 Dolphins Pop Their Champagne Too Early?

That’s Tridon Holliday. He’s a return-specialist speedster for the Denver Broncos. He started the season 5-0 with the Texans, and when they waived him, the Donkeys picked him up. His first game with the Broncos was against the Chargers for their 0-24 comeback win. The Broncos have won every game since. So, here’s how his season looks…

Yup. Undefeated. He’ll be going for win number 16 this weekend. Suck it, ’72 Dolphins, you and your stupid annual “we’re the last undefeated team” champagne popping parties. You don’t reign supreme just yet…


[lobbed by BFTB, I didn’t bother w/ return stats b/c the important part are the W‘s]

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