Marvel is Killing Off Spider-Man? I Call Bullsh*t

SAN DIEGO – Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee announced that Spider-Man dies in the latest Marvel comic book released Wednesday.

Fans paid tribute to the Spider-Man character on Lee’s Facebook page after he posted “The Death Of Spider-Man” article around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

“After 700 Amazing issues, we say Farewell to puny Peter Parker – thank daring Dan Slott for that one folks, but fear thee not, my good friends MTV Geek give Ol’ Web Head one heck of a send off,” Lee posted.

In the 700th edition of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the superhero loses the battle with Doctor Octopus, according to Marvel writer Slott.

“This day was going to come,” Slott said in a video posted on MTV Geek.  “Spider-Man was going to face his greatest odds, challenge, but he comes up short and ‘oh no, he’s dead.’” The issue was on sale Wednesday.

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and call bullsh*t on this one. I don’t know crap about comic books, but I know you don’t kill off Spider-Man. So, you heard it hear first, folks… Spider-Man doesn’t really die, he’ll be back in another edition soon, this is just one giant elaborate media hoax to generate buzz. Spidey’ll be back. End of Story.



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