10 Hats Better Than The Padres New Batting Practice Hats

Fashionably speaking, unless they’re wearing their throwback uniforms, it seems the Padres can do no right with the San Diego fanbase. So when Paul Lukas of Uni Watch and ESPN wrote about the new 2013 batting practice hats for all MLB teams, and had this to say about the Padres, it came as no surprise to anyone. “A white cap with a navy front panel? Woof! Further evidence that this franchise has completely lost its way design-wise. Grade: D

The hats are what you’d expect from the Padres. Pretty bland. Nothing exciting. Well, I’m done with boring… so here are ten hats I found on eBay that are way better than the Padres new BP hats. The team should adopt one of these gems immediately.

You’re welcome, lobsters. I expect to see one of these on the field at Petco soon.


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