This Lobster iPhone Case is Hot Fire…

Listen, I don’t normally make blanket statements or speak in absolutes… so I’m breaking my own rule here. But, you’re an idiot if you don’t have this lobster iPhone case. It’s easily the safest and most practical case ever created. Chicks will dig it, and if you’re a chick… dudes will dig it. It fits easily in most pockets. It never gets in the way. It’s never awkward to talk about when people see it and ask why you have a gigantic lobster as an iPhone case. People obviously know you’re a walking talking Lobshots lobster, so they immediately love you more. It’s just a no-brainer… get this case for your iPhone and you’ll immediately have a better life. End of story.


[lobbed by Michael, Jeff, Timmy, Jay and I think three other dudes that I can’t remember, sorry]

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