Yes, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, Exploded the Internet Last Night

Yeah… that’s why. The camera was on her about as much as it was on her boyfriend, AJ last night. Dude wins his second straight national title and all Brent Musburger can embarrassingly do is drool all over his girlfriend. Sure, she’s smoking hot, but good grief Brent, you’re 73… act like you’ve been there before.

Katherine Webb is the reigning Miss Alabama winner. The guys at Busted Coverage broke the news that she was dating AJ and that she’s an Auburn grad. That’s a major no-no in the South, right? Too pretty for anybody to get mad at AJ about it, I guess. A few weeks ago, she had about 1K twitter followers. Before the BCS title game last night? She had about 10k. Now? She’s got over 129K. That’s crazy.

Some great shenanigans went down with her and the rich and famous. Lebron James followed her, only to be berated by all of twitter for doing so… so he then unfollowed her. Whoops. Looks like you’re guilty now, even though all you did was do what everybody else was doing. Either way, it led to this meme.

I laughed. More shenanigans with AJ and his girl to come…


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