What the Hell is “Padres Public”?

They have a website. They have a twitter page. They tweet these mysterious freaking haiku poems to San Diego media/blogger/sports type folks. They tweeted me. I responded.

Just as they did from me, they’ve gotten responses from other San Diego sports guys: Darren Smith, Andy Masur, Bob Scanlan, Ben Higgins, and MLB’s Corey Brock to name a few. They’ve been mentioned quite a bit by some of the local Padres bloggers like RJ’s Fro, Avenging Jack Murphy, Geoff Young (formely Ducksnorts), Ghost of RAK, and even Friarhood. I’m sensing that one of these jokers knows more than they’ve let on…

They speak in weird cryptic tweets that are starting to piss me off because I don’t know if it’s an actual pub or a blog or the Fight Club of Major League Baseball. So, fellow lobsters, time to get to the bottom of this crap. Find out what’s going on with this Padres Public madness and shoot me an email —  LobshotsSports@gmail.com — together we will get to the bottom of these shenanigans.


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