This is the Face of a Stone Cold Killer from New Zealand…

On a flight from Sydney to Auckland, Wynand Mullins was asked to put on a different shirt than the one he was wearing, which read: "Prepare to die".

Meet Wynand Mullins, aka Inigo Montoya, the thug from New Zealand that terrorized an entire plane of Aussies when he clearly threatened to kill all of them because they all killed his father. This dude told Stuff Magazine that he was asked to remove his t-shirt because other airline passengers found it “intimidating”. Intimidating? It’s a straight up threat. You’re damn right it’s intimidating. “You killed my father, prepare to die?” Telling someone to prepare for their death is frightening, especially when it’s for a crime they didn’t commit. I feel bad for these poor passengers.

This man should be thrown in jail for life.


(I honestly don’t know what is more mind-blowing about this story… that people haven’t seen The Princess Bride, or that the scared passengers on the plane felt they would somehow become less scared if this dude changed t-shirts. Like, “if he changes shirts, we won’t have to prepare to die anymore.”)

[lobbed by Jonesy, Showman, Scott and Sam]

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