Here is What You Missed at the Pro Bowl: Shenanigans

Because it’s normal for the opposing team’s center to just switch teams for a snap, right? Although it was pretty cool and I appreciate the nostalgia of Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning hooking up one last time… this moment is one of many that define the Pro Bowl as a complete joke. Some others…

JJ Watt lining up as a wide receiver… no biggie. Check out what happened to his finger (not on his WR play)

That looks nice… also, I was pleased to see they took the kicking game seriously.

And then there is this… a photo of a 2013 MVP candidate.

If you didn’t know football, or who Peyton Manning was… and I told you to guess… is this guy one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League —- or an accountant, a plumber, a sales exec, or any job where you have to carry a briefcase? Guarantee you that QB is at the very bottom of that list.

Finally, the most exciting thing that happened at the 2013 Pro Bowl is this brawl in the stands. The entire AFC bench was captivated.


[via @bubbaprog, @corkgaines, @thebiglead]

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