Happy Birthday, Jackie Robinson… Google Doodle Style

Love this move by Google. Jackie Robinson would’ve been 94 years old today.

I tend to geek out on uniforms and baseball history, so humor me for a moment, if you will. The casual observer may not have noticed it, but Google definitely didn’t check with MLB about doing this. Notice how there’s no logo on his cap? Notice how you can only see his number and no lettering on the jersey? The word Google, well Go(Jackie)gle, is written in Dodgers script, but there’s no Dodgers logo to be found.

Now, you might be wondering about the number. In 1947, when Jackie came into the Bigs, the Dodgers didn’t have numbers on the front of their jerseys. In fact, front uniform numbers didn’t show up until 1952, and the Brooklyn Dodgers were the first to do it. Sadly, Google Doodle did mess up on the color of the number. As you can see above, once the numbers did show up, they were red. Oh well, no biggie. Okay, I’m done dissecting… awesome job, Google.

Happy Birthday, Jackie.


[if you care, which you don’t, some more Dodgers uni history here]

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