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Nice Scarf! Except Wayne Rooney Looks Like Hitler

Put any name you want on that friggin’ scarf… that’s Hitler’s face. Not cool. -bp [via @bubbaprog]

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This Makes Me Embarrassed to be a Lakers Fan…

That’s right… the Lakers level of play with a cast of superstars doesn’t bother me at all. So they suck. They’re getting better. Maybe they’ll even grab the 8th playoff seed. That guy though? That bothers me. Anyone else think … Continue reading

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Woah. Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. Woah.

Oh my. Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. Creeping me out. Story here. -bp [via]

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Caption Contest: Sinatra in the White House

Phenomenal. Don’t know how I’d never seen this before. Caption? -bp [lobbed by crew]

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Padres Public Revealed

As I told you in my previous blog… Padres Public is not an actual bar, but it is an actual Padres blog. A Padres super blog, if you will. There are a lot of Padres bloggers out there that love … Continue reading

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BALCO East Highlights Yasmani Grandal’s PED Use. YAY!

Wow. Just read Tim Elfrink’s crazy story in the Miami New Times about a Miami “anti-aging clinic” that supplied PEDs to Alex Rodrigez, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and our hometown hero, Yasmani Grandal! The story gets into crazy detail about … Continue reading

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Biebs… the Hell are You Doing?

I distinctly remember going and buying a cigar at a liquor store the day I turned 18 years old. Just because I finally could. Biebs? He’s 18 now too, and look what he does just because he can. Hands-on meet … Continue reading

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Girl Gets Drilled by a Golf Ball at Torrey Pines, Promptly Gets an Autograph From the Golfer…

That’s the autograph of Billy Horschel. The casual golf fan had never heard of him until he got paired with Tiger Woods this weekend. An errant ball of his hit a young lady on the course, so he signed the … Continue reading

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Icy Bro Just Being a Bro

Just bros being bros on the ice, bro. Deal with it? Deal with it. -bp [lobbed by John]

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Zombie Hines Ward is Gross on Gross on Gross.

Yes, that’s actually Hines Ward. He’s apparently going to be in The Walking Dead. Looks disgusting. From the Post: “It was an amazing experience,” said Mr. Ward, who will be a zombie extra when AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead” … Continue reading

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