Goose Gossage Has a Small Case of Foot in Mouth…

So the Goose had some things to say about PED users in baseball:

“We’ve got a bunch of cheaters that are up for the Hall of Fame … I wish these guys who are lying would come clean. Roger Clemens was found innocent but so was O.J. and he killed two people. Stop lying and quit dragging baseball through the mud.”

I’m guessing, in hindsight, that Goose would not have compared steroid users to a double murderer. Again, just a guess. I think his point is simply this… “innocent” doesn’t always equal “not guilty”. Next time he tries to make that point… he’ll probably use an analogy that doesn’t involve a double homicide.


[no, that lead photo of Goose getting tackled in a 1984 bench clearing brawl has nothing to do with this article… aside from Goose being in it. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the screengrab @gaslampball]

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