Does Anything Gronk Does Surprise Anybody at This Point?

Sorry for partying. How very Gronk. Not shocking one bit. Expected. However, what I find unexpected and rather fascinating about this photo is this nice young lady, Tarah (who you can follow on twitter here) and her exchange with ESPN.

How kind of them to ask permission. What if she had said no? I find that kind of stuff interesting. I use my own judgment, and have the ole, “you put it on the internet, so what do you care?” policy when it comes to posting photos. If someone has a problem with it, I take it down (usually).

Also, sure you’ve seen the billions of Gronk shirtless photos and dancing videos, but have you ever seen how much coin he drops partying? And on what? Now you have.

Nice find, Busted Coverage… dude loves him some booze…FIJI is just water right? 14 bottles of $11 water. Well alright.

Also, included or not… a $1,400 tip is impressive.


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