The Hidden Mysteries Found in MLB Hats

Remember that mysterious Padres super blog I told you about? Well, they’re up and running and pretty fun to read if you’re a fan of the Friars. Last week, Padres Public asked me to do a guest blog and I obliged. I revealed a few mysteries about that Padres hat you see above and the origins of its “Taco Bell” nickname.

I didn’t stop unveiling mysteries there…

More mysteries. More revelations. Gotta give props to @rydazzle on the Expos hat. I had no idea that little red ‘e’ actually had some significance. I told him he was an idiot. I stand corrected. If you’d like to know what significance I’m talking about, and all about the Padres Taco Bell hats, and the history behind them, go read the post at Padres Public.



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