The San Diego Padres are Embracing Our Beach Community… Petco Park is a Giant Pile of Sand Right Now

That’s Petco Park… right now. The head Padres groundskeeper is a great follow on twitter, @Luke_Yoder. It’s not the first time I’ve written about awesome behind the scenes stuff at Petco Park. Luke’s been sharing photos of the sand pit that is currently Petco Park. The crew is aiming for 5 tons of sand per 1000 square feet. The sand is 100% USGA spec sand, and that’s apparently a big deal. Luke is obsessed with grass, tractors, lawn mowers, and dirt. It’s pretty incredible. Here are a few more photos he tweeted of Petco as they harvest out the old Padres sod.

The target date to lay new sod is March 7th. If you’re like me, you’re wondering what they did with all the old sod? Well… it’s to be “recycled and taken to a golf course for good use.”  Pretty cool. Head over to Luke’s twitter feed to check out more photos.


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