No, DeAndre Jordan Did Not Actually Kill Brandon Knight

There are no words to describe a dunk this ferocious.

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Ferocious. I love everything about it. DeAndre’s face afterward is so, so good.

The kids going nuts on the sidelines had me laughing. The Clippers bench. Just incredible. Lob City, indeed. Every angle of the dunk is more amazing than the last.

In our social media, digital age… the internet responds to greatness such as this, for better or worse. Jose Canseco decided to tell the world that Brandon Knight died.

I don’t think Jose actually runs that twitter feed anymore, but I’ll still refer to the author as Jose anyway. He was either attempting humor, or he read DeAndre’s wikipedia page and thought he actually died. (It has since been updated.)

Knight died in mid-air.” Haha. The internet continued to respond to poor Brandon.

All pretty funny, and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. But let’s talk for a second about poor Brandon Knight.

DeAndre Jordan needs to send a gift basket to Brandon Knight. Without Knight, this is just an average alley-oop… with Knight, it’s the dunk that all other dunks this year will be measured by. Even Blake Griffin said it was “the best dunk I’ve ever seen.” Technically, Blake can’t see his own dunks, so I get that. Back to Knight, my boy Judson from AM1360 brings up a great point:

So true. The NBA is filled with a bunch of sallies that would rather give up a free bucket than be put on a poster. So, props to Knight for at least trying to get in the way. Knight’s tweet in response to the dunk… was magical.

Well deserved of the 15K+ retweets. That’s good stuff, right there.


[images/videos/photoshop pulled from all over. here are few of the twitter feeds I pulled from: (@jim_ice, @cjzero, Business Insider, @bochurney, @TweetsOpenDoors, @darrenrovell)


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