FAIL Online: UK’s “Daily Mail” Has Exclusive Paulina Gretzky Photos That Aren’t Paulina Gretzky

Great headline: “She tried to do demure! Wild child Paulina Gretzky tones down her look in a modest maxi but still manages to reveal her derrière” Oh, Daily Mail, or Mail Online, or whatever you’re called… that’s cute that you think you have exclusive Paulina photos. “Even when wild child Paulina Gretzky makes the effort to cover up it seems the hockey heiress just can’t stop revealing her toned bikini body.” Cover up, Paulina! Let’s take a closer look at these exclusive derrière photos!

Um, that’s not Paulina Gretzky. That’s a cute, skinny blond, sure… just not Paulina.

Yep… still not Paulina. Nice try, UK smut peddlers. An entire article about Paulina with photos that aren’t Paulina. A cute little swing and a miss. Won’t be long before that link up top no longer works…

Fail Online…


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