My Bracket: The Worst You’ve Ever Seen

I started filling out NCAA March Madness brackets in the late 90’s. Back then, I did one bracket. One. I loved it. I knew who I had picked for every single game. Since then? I fill out like ten. Just stupid. I’d join groups that my buddies sent out over email and pick tons of different teams to win it all in hopes that I’d win at least one of them. It worked, sometimes. But the passion for my bracket just wasn’t there anymore. How can you have passion for ten brackets? That’s dumb. So, this year, I’m going back to my roots. I only filled out one* bracket and boy does it suck.

I know I didn’t choose many upsets early, but I also don’t have a single no. 1 seed in my Final Four. Something to be said for that… I just don’t know what.

The beauty of posting my bracket on here is that it gives all you lobsters are wonderful opportunity to mock me when my Final Four teams get booted in the round of 32… or earlier. Mock away, kids, mock away…


*I’m in one pool that has everybody fill out three brackets, that is the only exception to my one bracket rule.

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