Giving “Credit” For a “Breaking” Story is Tough in the Twitter Age…

I was gonna write a blog on this, decided to tweet it instead, only to realize I had more to say than I thought. So I screengrabbed my tweets. There they are. I’m happy to chat more about it in the comments section if anybody wants to. Fascinates me. I mentioned Paul Mahan, Scott Bair, Bill Center, Darren Smith, Annie Heilbrunn & Marty Caswell. Aside from Mahan, I don’t have any beef with any of them, they just happen to somehow be involved in SD sports media and this Casey Kelly story about his Tommy John surgery. (Which, btw, sucks so bad. Makes me sad.) Anyway, I want to start breaking stories so I can get in a pissing match with everyone. Looks like fun.

Great thing about this particular breaking story? Everybody knew that Kelly was gonna have Tommy John surgery. Everybody. It just hadn’t been “officially confirmed on the record” by anybody inside the Padres organization. The Mighty 1090 has the rights to a Byrnes interview, right? Do they pay for that? Food for thought.

One last comical aspect to this whole thing, Mahan’s looking for credit for breaking this story… When’s the last time you heard him give credit to anyone for all the stories in his “best 15 minutes” rant? Ever? Anyone? Does he give credit? Did he break all those story himself? He must. Incredible.


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