The President of Ohio State Loves Bow Ties… and Beer Pong

Good Lord, that’s a lot of bow ties. This dude, E. Gordon Gee, loves bow ties more than you love anything. Unreal. Thanks to reddit, we also know he’s played a little beer pong in his day. How very frat of him.

It gets better. Check out what Ohio State spends on this clown.

The Dayton Daily News reported that Ohio State University spent

  • $7.7 million on Gee’s travel, housing and entertainment since he returned to Columbus.
  • $895,000 for gatherings at the president’s mansion
  • $574,000 on private jet travel for Gee
  • $64,000 on his trademark bow ties, bow tie cookies, O-H lapel pins and bow tie pins
  • Gee’s pay for 2012: $2.14M

Sweet! Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly hate the Buckeyes more…

(I have many good friends from Ohio that are intense Ohio State fans. I love them. Not their school. They hate when I make fun of their stupid school. Oh well. If, by chance, you didn’t know how much I loathe OSU, well, here ya go.]


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