Today’s Edition of “WTF is Wrong With People?” — Hate Mail


This letter was written to a New York radio host Craig Carton of the Boomer & Carton show. Really great example of what it’s like to be a racist coward that’s horrible at grammar, penmanship, and life.

Sad to think about how many nut jobs are out there. Even if this is just some kind of twisted prank… what the eff? Awful prank. Just a lot mean-spirited and bad people out there. I know that I’ve been critical of media here in San Diego… specifically radio media. Ok, fine, specifically Hacksaw. But you can’t really compare this kind of hate mail to that kind of criticism. I backed my dislike for Mahan’s schtick with concrete facts… not wild speculation and threats and meanness.

Oh, is there a more cowardly move than an anonymous letter? Attach your name to your criticism, because with it, comes accountability.

Be kind, people… unless you catch someone in blatant lies, then call them out. Sounds simple enough, right?


[via rovell]

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