Chase Headley Really Had His Wits About Him For The Brawl…


Ok, my first title for this blog was, “Wait, Who the Hell is This on the Padres Bench That Ducked Into the Clubhouse?” The blog went like this:

Anybody know who this is? I’m just seeing it… benches clear… and one of the Padres splits into the clubhouse? What’s up with that? I do see at the end of the GIF that somebody comes bolting out of the tunnel, but that looks more like someone that was already in the clubhouse coming out, not the dude that just ducked in. Anybody know the story behind this?

Then I kept watching it… and I think that’s Chase Headley. So why would Chase do that? Oh, I dunno… because he’s on the DL and it’s against baseball rules for players on the DL to go out on the field. He’s by far our best player and he probably didn’t want to serve even more of a suspension once he came back from the DL. Sounds like it was pretty impressive for him to dart into the clubhouse.

Am I right? I could have my facts wrong… hell, maybe that’s not even Chase. Anybody?


[sb nation]

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